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Collector App (17.0.2) Offline Issues--Samsung Tablet S2

Question asked by AaronOwens on Jul 5, 2017
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We've been using the Collector app since last year to collect stream survey data. Last season we would have hit and miss issues with the app closing and synching failures, but for the most part, it worked great. This season has been a different story:

   --App would continuously close on its own with and error message

   --When we collect a point and fill out the features and click the check mark in order to save save them to the device,       the point just stays highlighted and never posts. If I attempt to collect another feature, the highlighted feature       disappears.

    --Map fails to download to the device.


This project is becoming rather large with many photo attachments. Is that the problem? How big can these projects be without causing problems? How do I even find out the size of my project?


Any help would be greatly appreciated!