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GeoRSS Layer works fine in ArcGISOnline but not in web app

Question asked by gaetan.siry on Jun 30, 2017



I am using the esri javascript api 4.3. I create da webmap in arcgis online and added a georss layer to it.

When I am in arcgis online all is well and I can see the points drawn on my web map.


I created a web app that loads the webmap that I created in arcgis online. Before adding the georss layer everything was fine, but now it seems  to not want to load the georss layer. This is the error that I get


esri/request: the first parameter should be a url string
F @ init.js:444
(anonymous) @ GeoRSSLayer.js:6
g @ init.js:117
then.c.then @ init.js:120
a._fetchService @ GeoRSSLayer.js:6
(anonymous) @ GeoRSSLayer.js:5
g @ init.js:117
then.c.then @ init.js:120
always @ init.js:123
a.load @ GeoRSSLayer.js:5
(anonymous) @ init.js:220
advice @ init.js:64
(anonymous) @ init.js:62
(anonymous) @ init.js:393
advice @ init.js:62
l @ init.js:63
f._processRequest @ init.js:2866
(anonymous) @ init.js:2864
(anonymous) @ init.js:994
(anonymous) @ init.js:326
b.notify @ init.js:237
b.propertyCommitted @ init.js:238
c.propertyCommitted @ init.js:229
c.internalSet @ init.js:227
c.set @ init.js:228
set @ init.js:317
e._doWork @ init.js:2860
_dispatch @ init.js:329
init.js:311 [] #load() Failed to load layer (title: 'undefined', id: 'undefined') TypeError: Cannot read property '0' of null
at A (init.js:405)
at Object.D [as normalize] (init.js:406)
at F (init.js:445)
at GeoRSSLayer.js:6
at g (init.js:117)
at Object.then.c.then (init.js:120)
at Object.a._fetchService (GeoRSSLayer.js:6)
at GeoRSSLayer.js:5
at g (init.js:117)
at Object.then.c.then (init.js:120)


What can I do to usemy webmap with the added GeoRSS layer ? Do I need to add some extra code ?