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Collector will not load maps on Android 7.0

Question asked by mordinim on Jun 30, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2018 by brendon.joyce

My organization recently purchased a Samsung Tab S2 Android 7.0 tablet to run Collector in the field, prior to this we ran on a Samsung Tab E Android 6.0.1.  My maps still work fine on the Tab E, but if I try to access them on the new Tab S2, Collector opens and I can select the map I want to open, it opens but the basemap will not appear.  It just spins as if it cannot find the basemap; the accuracy will increase up to around +/-10' and the add new feature tab is available (I can also "add" a new point and fill out all the tables including adding attachments but after I submit it the point will exist but it will tell me that it is missing location data).  I can connect to the internet and access items over the web so connectivity to the device is not the issue.  I have cleared the cache, cleared the data, unistalled and reinstalled twice.  Does anyone have any idea what I am missing;  I know it will be something always is.