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Question asked by dchiang on Jun 30, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2017 by dbedt_luc

Does anyone know if the complete user conference schedule is published somewhere as an Open Data table or flat file so we can just download it and use it the way we want instead of being forced to use the online agenda planner or app? 


When I tried to search by the site says no data found.


Why can't Esri trust and empower their customers, stand by its open principles, and facilitate a better solution to the nightmarish online agenda planner/app, enough to publish the full UC Agenda schedule in its ArcGIS Open Data portal in real data format and let their users use it and view it the way they want?  I could find the info I need quicker and set up my own schedule faster if the whole thing was just in a spreadsheet file, or even a PDF printout that I can manually highlight, than this.