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Scale of shared tile package?

Question asked by mfleming_ASDM on Jun 30, 2017

I was using a custom aerial image from 2015 as a basemap for a web map application. Now I have a new image for 2017. After tiling the new image at the highest level of detail and publishing it as a hosted tile layer, and replacing the old image, I find can’t zoom in as close as I could on the old image. Does anyone know why? The old and the new image have the same extents and almost the same visible ranges. I have tried setting the visible scale of the layer, but it won’t save. I have searched for other conversion threads on setting visible range, but they do not concern a tiled image. Any help would be most appreciated.

Visible Range new: 1:591657528 to 1:1128

Visible Range old: 1:591657528 to 1:141