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Creating a Print Geocoding Process doesn't work

Question asked by Gdi_bx on Jun 30, 2017

I am trying to publish a Printing Service with custom layouts for my ArcGIS Online Application (Print Widget).

My printing layouts are located in a folder on the server. The folder is registered as data store on this server. 


I followed the description in this document:

(which should be really easy)


I also watched the video:

I did everything as explained, but I suppose that the "export Web Map" Task doesn't work. Because like shown in the video the Service Editor should look like this:


But in my trials the yellow marked section is not there! 

In the geoprocessing results everthing seems to be finde with the "export web map", it shows no problems at all. The only thing I was wondering about is that the task was really quick. I think to quick?


But I can not publish the service. I do not get any warning... it simply has no effect when clicking "publish". 


Can anyone help?