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Create annotation in Pro 2.0: create straight, curved and follow-feature annotation?

Question asked by azendel on Jun 29, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2019 by jcadkin-esristaff

The inability to edit annotation in Pro < 2.0 was one of the biggest limitations that kept me from using Pro in many workflows.  So I had been looking forward to the release of 2.0 even since I read that it'd include annotation editing.  I've taken the full 2.0 Pro release for a test drive and was able to convert some street labels to annotation. Excellent start.  Then I wanted to create some annotation for the streets that were missing a label.  I opened the 'create features' panel and noticed that there was only one option for creating an annotation feature: horizontal

ArcMap gives you several options here: horizontal, straight, curved and (my favorite) follow feature.  Are those options available in Pro?  How do I enable them?  I did find the help topic on changing an existing anno feature to a circular arc and Bezier curve.  That new flexibility will probably come in handy at some point.  But if I need to create a curved annotation feature, it seems that I'll first have create a horizontal annotation, then convert to circular or Bezier and adjust as needed.  That's not a very efficient approach to adding a lot of curved annotation features.   Is there a way to directly create a curved or follow feature annotation? How?