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Is there a way download/sync a layer that has attachments without attachments, but still allow for the adding of them?

Question asked by Thomas.Taggart_NHDES on Jun 29, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2017 by KDonia-esristaff

We have data collectors using ESRI collector all across a state.  Every morning they have to download a new work area - World Topo basemap, plus slice of one layer (attribute data focused), and a slice of another layer (picture/attachment focused).  


We wanted to try and eliminate the download portion each morning, giving our teams and extra 15-30 minutes every day.  We found we could create a basemap of the entire state at a high enough resolution (Problems using REST API to generate Tile Packages from World Topo (For Export) ), and we can download the attribute specific layer for the entire state (takes 5-10 minutes) but we can't download the picture focused layer (pics are tie to the attribute layer through IDs we create and maintain / geographic location), because of the sheer size (GBs) of pics that would need to be downloaded. Is there a way to download an attachment enabled layer within collector, such that:

  • We don't download any of the attachments when defining the work area and doing the initial pull/sync
  • But can still upload new attachments to the points created in the layer that get synced at the end of the day?



Anyone know?