Local Moran's I: Computing "COtype"

Discussion created by mjcohn on Jan 10, 2011
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I computed Anselin's Moran's I and am trying to understand how ArcGIS moves from the test statistic to the classification of HH, HL, LH, or LL in the COtype field.  From what I can tell, the test statistic only indicates whether an observation is similar (HH, LL cluster-->high test statistic), or dissimilar (HL, LH-->low test statistic) to its neighbor.  However, I do not see how the magnitude of the test statistic distinguishes between the different types of cluster or outliers.  That is, can I understand just by looking at the test statistic/z-score whether an observation is part of a HH as opposed to a LL, or a LH as opposed to a HL, cluster?  If not, how does the program fill in the COtype field?