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Extrusion rendering problem in CityEngine Web Viewer

Question asked by codyslater on Jun 28, 2017



Upon exporting my models to a .3ws file and attempting to use Open With --> 3D Web Scene Viewer (offline), some of my building are looking much different than they do in the CityEngine 2015.2 desktop application.  I have an idea that the problem has something to do with a section of the model being extruded.


For example, when making a garage door, I use the following code:

GarageDoor -->
   comp(f) {top: <door image here> | bottom: NIL | left: X. | right X. | front: X. | back: X.}


In CityEngine's native Viewport, the model comes out looking normal, I see nothing where NIL is, and something where the code calls for (when viewing from outside of the model).  When looking in the Web Scene Viewer, and viewing from outside of the model I see nothing where the extrusion is at all; however, I can see that the image of whatever is part of the "top" section if I pan to view the model from the inside.  I will post two pictures as an example, the first of the building from the outside of the garage door, the second from the inside, behind the garage door.


Any help that anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated!