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CMV Identify Widget with related records

Question asked by samaalir14 on Jun 28, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2017 by thejus.kambi

Hello all, 

how can I display some related records values in the popup menu

i tried to use in the identify.js config

fieldName: 'relationships/1/nom_commune',
label: 'Nom Commune',
visible: true

when I check Network in the Google inspector, I found the request have been executed and the result has been returned successfully 

{"objectIdFieldName":"OBJECTID","globalIdFieldName":"","fields":[{"name":"nom_commune","alias":"nom_commune","type":"esriFieldTypeString","length":1073741822}],"features":[{"attributes":{"nom_commune":"Oulad Imloul"}}]}

but it seem like I am missing something, and in the popup i can see just the label and not the record