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Survey123 - Public Surveys Questions

Question asked by vines2014 on Jun 28, 2017
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Good afternoon! I have several questions about Public Survey123 surveys.

1. Can I create a survey with my ArcGIS individual account for the public to complete?

2. Does the public need an ArcGIS account to complete a survey?

3. Do I have to use ArcGIS Online or can I use a desktop version of Survey123 and then published to ArcGIS Online?

4. Once I create the survey, each reply will be in Excel format and then I can then export the data to append to master             Excel to create map? (I don't have an online database or server)



1. To create a Survey123 for the public/volunteers to enter the location of turtle nest as they spot them. To be use to update data and create map of the location where turtles are nesting. (Non-Profit)

2. To create a Survey123 for Boy Scouts for scouts to enter the amount of items collected during Scouting for Food period to calculate, make maps and infographic about the neighborhood contributions. (Non-Profit)


Thanks very much!!!