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Does Geoportal Server Widget support Geoportal Server 2.5?

Question asked by kescaleraesri-pa-esridist Employee on Jun 27, 2017

I'm trying to use the latest version of Geoportal Server (v. 2.5) and the harvester. All of that is working, but I cannot configure the Geoportal Search widget that comes in the Map Viewer included with Geoportal. I see that the Geoportal Search Widget comes with two 1.x Geoportal Servers as a sample, I tried to add my Geoportal Server in the config file but I cannot figure out what is the correct Url for the widget to work, I see the Url for Geoportal Server 1.x returns RSS and it works perfectly, but I cannot find the right Url for Geoportal Server 2.5. I have been testing most of this urls, but none of them work: geoportal-server-catalog/api.txt at master · Esri/geoportal-server-catalog · GitHub 


None of them have the same structure as Geoportal Server 1.x 


Does anyone knows if I can use Geoportal Search Widget with Geoportal Server 2.5?


Thanks in advanced