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App doesn't signal onOnlineStateChanged

Question asked by KGorton-esristaff Employee on Jun 27, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2017 by KGorton-esristaff

My app is set up to give a notification when the network connection status changes. This works in Player but after Making and deploying it to a device it does not generate the notifications when I switch in and out of airplane mode. The issue, I believe, is not with the LocalNotification itself, but with the onOnlineStateChanged signal. I verified that notifications are enabled for this app in device settings, and indeed other notifications work correctly in my deployed app, just not the one in this signal handler; Here's my implementation: 

id: notification

   onOnlineStateChanged: {
      notification.schedule("Connection status:",online?"Connected":"Offline",0) //This notification appears in Player but not in deployed app.

Is there something else I should do to enable this?