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Time-Enabled Hosted Feature Layer Doesn't Work

Question asked by andreas.yonas on Jun 28, 2017

Dear all, I'm currently exploring Arcgis online and I'm having a trouble understanding and implementing the time-enable hosted feature layer. I'm not an expert in GIS so I might miss something, I don't have any desktop application either.

My goal is to have data trend on feature pop-up page.


This is from the REST page of the layer 'power'


Time Info:

      Start Time Field: timestamp


      End Time Field: null


      Track ID Field: null


      Time Extent
        [6/28/2017 6:35:16 AM UTC, 6/28/2017 9:09:45 AM UTC]


      Time Reference: UTC


      Time Interval: 0


      Time Interval Units:


      Has Live Data: false


      Export Options:


        Use Time: false


        Time Data Cumulative: false


        Time Offset: 0


      Time Offset Units: esriTimeUnitsCenturies


The feature value 'kw' and 'timestamp' are updated every 5 minutes by a raspberry pi with sensor values.


Below is the link to my feature layer 'power' 


Please advise. I'm stuck.



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