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Rearrange list in CityEngine

Question asked by Mortensen91 on Jun 27, 2017



I'm working on a simple task where I need to split a start shape in CityEngine. The goal is to create an Oshape where the shape is divided into four separate areas like the picture below. Further is it necessary that I trough the use of split.index can access each area and later can assign a new rule to a specific area. I know it would be easier to just name each area an individual name, but that would not work later in the script.


The goal    

Below is the way I have been trying to do it so far 

As it can be seen is the location within the list not right

The consequence is that I have a list where the there are four inputs, but they are located in only to positions, is there a smart way to make CE reassign each area in list B, so it gets its own list.index? The specific index number does not matter as long as the list.index goes from 0 to 3.


I hope there is a meaningful way to do this. Thanks in advance.