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Meaning Use of Curly Brackets in ArcPy?

Question asked by nbanerjee on Jun 26, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2017 by curtvprice

Hello - in a number of P Stand Alone Python examples associated with a number of geoprocessing tools (e.g. Add Feature Class to Terrain), there is some syntax that uses curly brackets that I dont understand and dont see documentation.  In general Python I understand curly brackets are used to define "dictionaries", however use in geoprocessing tools with ArcPy seems different.  Can anyone explain their use or point me to documentation?


Below is example from a tool example that uses curly brackets







Add Feature Class To Terrain (3D Analyst)

# Create the file gdb that will store the feature dataset, gdbName)   
gdb = '{0}/{1}'.format(gdbLocation, gdbName)   
# Obtain spatial reference from TIN   
SR = arcpy.Describe(tin).spatialReference   
# Create the feature dataset that will store the terrain, fdName, SR)   
fd = '{0}/{1}'.format(gdb, fdName)