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Rules that Return to Top of Survey

Question asked by DougHaller on Jun 26, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2017 by DougHaller

How do I add a rule that allows the user to iterate through a series of questions for a location? My rules appear only to allow someone to skip past unrelated questions, not return to an earlier question.


For example, I would like individuals to answer a series of questions about a location and then answer the following:


Question 12: Please enter the location for your observation.

Question 13: (...add a point to the online map)

Question 14-23 (several questions about what was observed)

Question 24:  Would you like to add another observation for this location? Yes No

      If yes, they need to return to question 14 (above)

      If no, then go to the next question.

Question 25: Would you like to add observations for another location?

      If yes return to question 12

      If no, end survey