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In WebApps or WebMaps, attribute-domain aliases not showing in pop-ups after feature search.

Question asked by Tom_Bell on Jun 22, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2018 by Tom_Bell

In WebApps or WebMaps, a user can search for a feature using the search box.  When a feature is found, the webmap or webapp zooms into the feature, and brings up a pop-up box.  In my experience, however, the pop-up box does not display the domain aliases, but rather only the coded values, which is Greek to the user.  The user has to click-off and then re-click onto the feature in order for domain aliases to show up in the pop-up box.  Which most users will not know to do.


Initial search (note lack of aliases, just the underlying codes):

Pop-up lacking domain aliases, after initial search for feature from AGOL search-box


After clicking away and re-selecting (note the domain aliases now appear):

Search box after clicking away from selected feature and then re-selecting


Any help would be appreciated!


-Tom Bell