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Misc. errors: photos and records not syncing

Question asked by sthordin on Jun 22, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2018 by lawiebehydro

Okay, I'll preface this by saying I am novice to GIS Online/Apps. I am using Survey123 to survey historic buildings. I published surveys using Survey123 Connect (may have errors in my XLS, but I have tried proof-reading). I am pre-filling forms using Survey123 Desktop at the office and have no issues at all creating/pre-filling survey forms. HOWEVER when I go into the field using the iPad Survey123 App Inbox (online with cellular data), images do not send and select_multiple lists do NOT save.

For example, I pre-fill Building A with:

  • Image: blank/no attachment
  • Architectural features: beanpoles, louvers

I go out into the field using the Inbox and want to make edits. I add an image and add some other features, I hit "Send Now" and the changes are not reflected. I.e. the edited survey looks the same before and after editing. Changes for Text, Select_one, and Geopoint have no issues, they all save perfectly fine. Note: the select_multiple changes do not even show up in the Sent folder on the local device.

My current workarounds:

  • Select_multiple issue: I am able to FORCE the changes by going through the back-end. I open my feature service in ArcGIS online, go to the field I want edited for a point, manually copy/paste the item name into the attribute list, and hit save. Only then will the box be "checked". When I "check" it from Survey123 App, the change is not recognized. Note: the boxes I check while generating a new survey will save, it is only once I want to edit the survey that the boxes are "frozen" to their original submittal status.
  • Image issue: I am able to recover the images by going to the Sent box on the iPad, selecting "copy sent data to new survey" and hitting submit. Note: this ONLY works when I am back at the office connected to Wifi.

I am hoping this is just some silly error in my spreadsheet, but I can't understand why the initial survey send will save everything, but edits will be ignored for some question types, but not other question types. I also am confused as to why the images will not send from the Inbox with cellular data connection, but will send as duplicate copies from wifi using local device "Sent" box.


More info: My feature services have editing enabled, they are not shared since I am the only one using the data. My form settings are not linked to a URL since I have been unable to understand how/why that field exists. Survey123 Connect v. 2.1.9, Survey123 desktop app v. 2.1.6, iPad Survey123 app v. 2.1.6. I am running Windows 7 and the newest iPad ios 10.3.2.