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change the basemap of a to another Web Map item?

Question asked by g.doerffelmysynergis-esridist Employee on Jun 23, 2017

And another question:

Assume I create a map from scratch using'MyMap')
I can add layers and do many things - I can call the basemaps that are coming with it, just by a short string ('dark-gray','topo','gray','hybrid') ... but what if I want to change the basemap to another item like this great one:

gis.content.get('25b5b923fbbb49cf9a39150d3a3150d5') - I have the item, but the only accepts short string idetifiers for (included) basemaps. Not possible?

Optional: Is there a syntax to use gis.Map('MyMap') in a way that just CLONES an existing Item/Map ?