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Zoom button and auto zoom in Directions widget

Question asked by n.koehnesri-de-esridist Employee on Jun 22, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2017 by n.koehnesri-de-esridist

I'm experiencing two issues with the Directions widget of the JS API:

  • The first issue came in with API version 3.19: The “Zoom to full route” button was available up to API version 3.18 and is missing now. Our customers would like to have it back.
  • The 2nd issue was probably always there: After performing “autoSolve” the Directions widget does not zoom to the route. Only after hitting “Get Directions”, the map will zoom in to the route. The issue didn’t attract so much attention before, because you could just hit the “Zoom to full route” button, which you can’t anymore now.


The attached screenshots show the behavior. You can reproduce the issue by using the sample at

  • Add 2 locations and let the widget auto solve the route. It won’t zoom to the routing result. Only after hitting “Get directions”, the zoom will occur.
  • Alter the code to use API version 3.18 instead of 3.20: The “Zoom to full route” button will appear above the directions list after calculating the first route. The button is missing in API version 3.19 and 3.20.


The JS API documentation says:


Class assigned to the 'Zoom to full route' button.

/*Change the color of the Zoom to full route text*/

.simpleDirections .esriResultsViewFullRoute{



I’d say this proves that the button is not intended to be missing. Rene Rubalcava any idea?


 3.18 has no auto zoom after autoSolve, but a zoom button

3.19 has no auto zoom after autoSolve AND the zoom button is missing