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Geonet on Firefox not responding

Question asked by pan_gis on Jun 22, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2017 by pan_gis

Hi guys,

Just o see if someone else is experiencing the following and if you are aware of a solution:


I need to use more than one Esri Account every day, so I use differ Browsers w or w/o anonymous mode.


I am experiencing the similar problem on my work PC and my personal notebook.


Namely, randomly on Firefox 54.0 (Running on W10 PRO at work and W10 Home on my laptop):


  • I cannot load the page at all ( eternal loading wheel )
  • I can load half a page. 
  • Any Hyperlink in disabled (I cannot click on Users' name or Reply or Comment)
  • I cannot paste a picture.
  • Since I cannot paste a picture I attach it as attachment but after loading the answer the attachment is not seen on Firefox, but it is visible in any other one (i.e. Chrome, Edge).

The only website affected seems to be Geonet.