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How to convert <Null> into 0 in the vector data?

Question asked by JulijanK on Jun 21, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2017 by JulijanK

I have a rather simple question which I'm unfortunately not able to resolve myself and would appreciate a lot if you help me with it. 

I need to have null values (<Null>) converted into an actual zero (0), so that I will be able to calculate with my attributes. I need to calculate the sum of attributes of two fields, yet when calculating with null values the outcoming result would take that same value regardless of the other attribute, hence it is wrong. 

I've already searched for a solution, yet all the methods I found refer to raster data. My data is vector (.shp) however. Is there any simple solution, a workaround or sth? I'm using Arcmap 10. 4. 1


Thanks for your help already in advance, Julijan