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Errors geocoding Colombian municipalities

Question asked by jesdial on Jun 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2017 by jesdial

Dear all

I am trying to create my first PowerBI visualization using ArcGIS Maps for PowerBI. I have a dataset with information about Colombian municipalities. This dataset includes the DIVIPOLA code and the name of all the municipalities (can be checked, eg. here: Divipola) However, when I configure the "Location Type", using this DIVIPOLA code ( pointing to polygon municipalities in Colombia), some of them do not get matched (eg. Buenaventura, with code 76109, or Medellín with code 05001). I assume that, for most of the municipalities, the DIVIPOLA code is working fine... but... why is not working for all? Is there any service I can use for checking the "available" values for this codes or indeed for the Municipality names  ?

Number of datarows in my list of variables is about 1120 . Using names instead of DIVIPOLA codes generates a worse result.

Thank you in advance

Jesús de Diego