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iOS ipa bundle size

Question asked by PetrPokorny on Jun 21, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2017 by rzwaap-esristaff

We have created the application using Xamarin and ArcGIS SDK. Our production build targets ARM64 and ARMv7. The final ipa size is 59.3 MB. This is too much, we are getting the following report from app store:

The app binary listed below was 59.3 MB when you submitted it, but will be 140.9 MB once processed for the App Store. This exceeds the cellular network download size limit and would require your app to be downloaded over Wi-Fi

I noticed that the biggest part of the application are native ArcGIS frameworks - ArcGIS-arm64.framework ~65.5 MB, ArcGIS-armv7.framework ~60.4 MB.


We tried to enable "Enable device specific builds", if i understand correctly it should allow additional processing when submitting app to the app store where packages dedicates to specific architecture are generated so that user with a given device architecture will only download stuff which is needed for his device. But enabling this options had no effect.


Is there a way to make the ipa bundle smaller?