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Query Widget Export does not retain date format

Question asked by rjmarros on Jun 20, 2017

Hi all,


I have a web app builder application constructed through AGOL(not Developer edition) and have constructed some simple queries using the Query widget. I can run the query on a specific layer to select features based on a date range. The results in the the Query Widget Window show the date like this: 6/13/2017, 11:20:06 AM which is how I want it to see it in my CSV File but when I export it to a CSV file the date just goes back to 6/13/2017 with no hours/minutes/seconds.  I can open the attribute table of the Query Result and export to CSV from there but it provides the same result. 


I also have a Select Widget that allows me to select features from the map and export those results to a CSV file and that operation does retain the date format such as I have it set in the original AGOL map (6/13/2017, 11:20:06 AM).  So, I am trying to understand why other operations will work and preserve the date but the Query Widget does not. I might be missing a simple setting somewhere but when I check I don't see any additional options other than "Allow to export Results"


Thanks, Jason