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Survey123 Share Settings

Question asked by michael.j.brown_noaa on Jun 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2017 by michael.j.brown_noaa

Greetings Everybody!


Apologies if this is a easy/stupid quesiton... I'm not super familiar with AGOL. I have a question(s) regarding the Survey123 App and privacy settings. I would like anybody to be able to submit the form so that the survey is answered, but I don't want everyone to see the answers.


So I initially thought I could set the form to "Everyone" and the featured layer survey to "Not Shared," but it doesn't seem to work. One can still access the survey, if already downloaded, however, they are then not able to submit it if the feature layer isn't set to "Everyone" as well. But if I set the feature layer to "Everyone," then it appears that anybody can see the data. 


See my problem?


Is their a solution?