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Portal for ArcGIS Backdoor ArcGIS Account Login?

Question asked by jay.gregory on Jun 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2018 by 843jasonh

Hi, we're configuring a SAML compliant identity provider with our Portal 10.4 instance, and plan on disabling sign in in with ArcGIS Accounts so as not to confuse our users.  The only reason we're doing this is to hide the extra sign in button (using your ArcGIS Account) so the user is just provided with one sign in button.  Doesn't anyone know of a way to remove the that button, but create a back door way for an internal administrator account or folks that don't have an identity provider login to login to the Portal the traditional way (internal account)?  The only instructions I've found is disabling entirely signing in with ArcGIS accounts.