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GeoCode locator not working properly for POI or Bussiness esrilocator.addressToLocations

Question asked by epuriarun on Jun 19, 2017

Hi All,


We are using ArcGIS Javascript API V 3.4 with "esri/tasks/locator", "esri/tasks/AddressCandidate",


When searched with Business names(Startbuck, San Francico or Walmart San Ramon) the suggestion are coming properly with magickey and bound the dataset to Grid


But when selected a row in the data grid, for user required address. The address locator not giving proper lat, longs.


GeoCode locator URL: 


Javascrpt Code snippet.


//Passing the one the suggestion address to get the lat,long

var newaddress = {
singleLine: item.address,
magicKey: item.Magickey
esrilocator.outSpatialReference = map.spatialReference;
esrilocator.on("address-to-locations-complete", function (e) {

//Zoonto result lat,long


Checked direct URL which ESRI using… 

This also not working properly.


Anyonce faced the similar issue with esrilocator.addressToLocations


Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions