sdesqlsrvr93 crashes on a breakpoint!

Discussion created by jenssc-informi-dk-esridist on Jan 9, 2011

I???m trying to get a proper performance out of ArcObjects for .Net, and there by started implementing in a multithreaded environment. Everything is working great, but at some point, the sdesqlsrvr93.exe crashes, with the following stacktrace:

> ntdll.dll!_RtlpBreakPointHeap@4()  + 0x23 bytes
  ntdll.dll!_RtlpCheckBusyBlockTail@8()  + 0x170 bytes
  ntdll.dll!_RtlpValidateHeapEntry@12()  + 0x34625 bytes
  ntdll.dll!_RtlDebugFreeHeap@12()  + 0x9a bytes
  ntdll.dll!@RtlpFreeHeap@16()  + 0x57ec3 bytes
  ntdll.dll!_RtlFreeHeap@12()  + 0x4c4d bytes
  kernel32.dll!_HeapFree@12()  + 0x14 bytes
  msvcr71.dll!free(void * pBlock=0x1b48fc48)  Line 103 C
  sdesqlsrvr93.dll!DB_stream_set_spatial_constraints()  + 0x2a49 bytes
  [Frames below may be incorrect and/or missing, no symbols loaded for sdesqlsrvr93.dll]
  sdesqlsrvr93.dll!DB_stream_init_query_layer()  + 0x4ba bytes
  sde.dll!SES_wa_strcat()  + 0x85 bytes
  gsrvrsql93.dll!S_gsrvr_main()  + 0x40d1c bytes
  gsrvrsql93.dll!S_gsrvr_main()  + 0x416a3 bytes
  gsrvrsql93.dll!S_gsrvr_main()  + 0x284b bytes
  msvcr71.dll!_threadstartex(void * ptd=0x17929c38)  Line 241 + 0x6 bytes C
  kernel32.dll!@BaseThreadInitThunk@12()  + 0x12 bytes
  ntdll.dll!___RtlUserThreadStart@8()  + 0x27 bytes
  ntdll.dll!__RtlUserThreadStart@8()  + 0x1b bytes

My application is doing nearly no ArcObjects activity, but I do use the netsolver getting a junction feature, and then trying to do a FindFlowEndElements repeatedly!

I???m trying to follow all guidelines regarding multithreaded ArcObjects, and my threads is responsible for creating a workspacefactory, opening the workspace, creating the netsolver and so one.

So what am I doing wrong?

Tested on the following platforms:
??? ArcGIS v9.3 SP2 / Windows 7 64bit
??? ArcGIS v9.3 SP1 / Windows 7 64bit
??? ArcGIS v9.2 SP6 / Windows XP
??? ArcGIS v9.2 SP6 / Windows Server 2003

Can anyone please help or guide me??

With regards,
Jens Christiansen