mxd.saveACopy - doesn't save appended Toolboxes

Discussion created by csmtcsmt on Jan 9, 2011
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Out of a toolbox, I run multiple scripts (in a certain row), one saves at the end the modified .mxd via


into a new "Copy" ( and opens it afterwards).

I have to open that new mxd for further modification (using the scripts in the same toolbox).
This must be done several times...so it's is quite annoying if I have to append the toolbox every time..

The problem is, this toolbox is NOT saved in that .mxd, so I have to append that toolbox again.
That means: mxd.saveACopy() does not save that toolbox in the copied project file (.mxd) - at least in my cases.

My Question is: what can I try that it might be included in the new"Copy"?
Is this maybe a bug?
I have ArcGIS 10 SP1 installed.

Any help is appreciated.Thanks.

some more information:

The the original .mxd was created before the toolbox was appended to ArcCatalog, anyway the Toolbox IS appended in that .mxd (probably by hand.. back then- before I appended it to ArcCatalog)

mxd.saveACopy() works fine from the python window, from appended scripts (using "Current" and absolute paths) the only problem i have is: my toolbox is not saved within the .mxd....