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Recommendations for 3rd party web editing interface

Question asked by lakea on Jun 16, 2017

We are working to get our lower level users away from desktop installations and into a web interface. Our problem is that the Web Appbuilder editing widget doesn't have the functionality that we need and the user experience is a bit clunky on top of that. I could easily write a custom widget that would solve a lot of our issues, but we want to stay away from custom development because we want the long-term support that comes with commercial products. We are running ArcGIS Server, Portal, and using SQL Server as the back end. Anyone have any suggestions for 3rd party software to handle this?


Some of our needs that are not handled by the Web Appbuilder:

1. Tracing

2. Copy and paste features between layers

3. Annotation and dimension editing (less important than others)


Thanks in advance!