Insights On-Premise Developer License Requirements

Discussion created by vandervoort on Jun 15, 2017
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My ArcGIS developer entitlements include ArcGIS Server and Portal for ArcGIS. We would like to evaluate Insights for ArcGIS. I've found documentation that says I can import Insights authorization via the Portal administrator. However I cannot find how to get those entitlements from


I can't seem to find anything that say's "This is how you buy Insights" or "This is how you create a developer's instance of Insights"


I've to 3 L1 and 2 L2 NUs available to me. 


Every time I try to launch Insights in the browser I am informed that I do not have permissions to access Insights - even though I am an administrator. 


When I attempt to share the Insights app with a group, it gives me the impression it was successful sharing the item, yet when I try to share it again, all the share checkboxes have become unchecked.


Re: Insights, it it important that we try before we buy...


Any insight (ark ark) would be greatly appreciated