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no option to download surveys on ipad

Question asked by ParksMo on Jun 16, 2017
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I have created and downloaded a published survey (created through Connect) on my ipad and collected and submitted data (I collecetd some data offline). I have now published a new survey and want to download it to my ipad.

But when I open the survey123app on my ipad - it takes me to "my surveys" and when I click the menu icon - there is  no option to download surveys.

When I tap the Collector app icon - I can see both "all maps" and "maps on device" , so my wifi is working.

and I am signed in

I followed the same process with my android tablet - and I have the "download surveys" option

so I know it is set up properly on survey123 online


What is wrong that I can't do this with the ipad - even though I previously have?

is there a setting that I would inadvertently changed?