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My Location Widget - Mobile Windows Tablets

Question asked by Jeff_Truscott on Jun 15, 2017
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I've enabled the 'My Location Widget' in a web app via Portal / Web app builder.  Clients connect to the Portal app through a VPN on mobile tablets.  The mobile tablets run Windows 7, so the apps default to running in the Windows browser on the table, IE 11).  Changing OS / browser is not an option as they are organizational standards. The tablets have GPS on board, however, the widget defaults to using HTML geolocation instead of accessing the onboard GPS.  This results in placing the user location in another part of the country where the VPN IP connection is registered.  Is there an alternate method to take advantage of onboard GPS on a Windows-based mobile tablet?  The intent is simply to show the user location while they use the device to provide context against app content.

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