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How to plot XY Coordinates in arcmap overlaid on a base map (satellite imagery)

Question asked by ShuhongYan on Jun 13, 2017
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My client sent me an excel file with XY data not in Lat Long format, but in XY Coordinates (e.g. x= 1705962, y = 12257736) and wants me to plot it in the arcmap with satellite imagery as basemap. How could I work on it?


I imported this Excel file to ArcMap by using File --> Add Data --> Add XY Data and then specify the XY fields. However, I don't know the Coordinate system. It did plot my data in the arcMap, but it is not matched with the Basemap.


I tried to use Define Projection to set up a Projected Coordinate System to it, but I don't know which one I need to use. I tried UTM or NAD 1983 in Projected Coordinate Systems but the result doesn't match with the basemap.


What should I do to plot the data in the Excel file overlaid with the basemap? Should I ask my client which Coordinate System they are using for the XY Coordinate?


I would really appreciate your help!