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Account to Post and Reconcile a child SDE Version

Question asked by jsn on Jun 13, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2017 by jsn

Hello everyone,


Question: when posting  and reconciling a child version using Python, can I use another account different from the owner of the child version, to post and reconcile?


I tried to use the schema owner account and do two tests:

 -  first test digitized a new feature in child version, ran Python script to post and reconcile, and the new feature showed in the parent  version,

 -  the second test, deleting feature in child version, ran Python script below to post and reconcile, but this time it did not work, the feature was not deleted from the parent version (Default)


Any suggestions?


Python script post/reconcile part.


if version == MyChildEditingVersion:

# Execute Post and Reconcile

print "Execute Post and Reconcile in " + MyChildEditingVersion




ParentVersion,    ============= Default