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Collector and Windows 10 tablet, editable layers from ArcGIS for Server

Question asked by on Jun 13, 2017
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Hello Esri community,

Our Public Works department are using both iOS and Windows 10 tablets with the Collector app to collect field data this summer.  When using the Collector app on an iOS tablet, everything works fine.  We can sign onto ArcGIS Online, access the Collector app, and the map service and layers on ArcGIS for Server are available to the app.  Today, we tried to use the Collector app on a Windows 10 tablet.  We were able to sign-on to ArcGIS Online, open the Collector app, and see the basemap.  However, when the map service and layers tried to load we received "The following layers are not accessible:" error and a list of the layers (see screen shot attached).  As both Collector and Windows 10 have been out for a while, I am hoping someone can point me to the information I need to remedy this issue.

Many thanks,