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Is it possible to create a time enabled hot spot map?

Question asked by shoman24v on Jun 14, 2017
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I'm trying to put together a web app for a presentation using roughly 40,000 points that I've geocoded over a time period of about 2 years.  I've aggregated the points by month and added a date field to each months feature.  Using spatial statistics, I've been able to create a point density map showing 'hot spots' by month.  Each raster was then placed in a raster mosaic in which I could enable time to.  I can go though month by month, showing how the incidents differ.


Unfortunately, we don't have the image service extension for ArcGIS server, so I am unable to create an image service for the mosaic.


I've tried now using hot spot analysis.  I've created a hot spot map for each month.  


Is there a way to combine this data and time enable it while keeping the confidence level set for each month?