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Import metadata into AGOL from xml produced in ArcCatalog

Question asked by enipla on Jun 14, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2019 by jborgion

I'm trying to import meta data into AGOL, and it's not working correctly.  I'm not getting any info about attribute info (columns/fields)


I notice that when editing the metadata in ArcCatalog, I have a red X in the Lineage Description.  I have not been able to get rid of that.  I open lineage, and there are none of those more descriptive error messages.  Not sure why that would prevent me from seeing field info in AGOL meta data.


After I import the .xml into AGOL, I can see the Attributes when I try to edit it in AGOL.  BUT when I just try to view the meta data, the Attributes are not there.