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Saving an MXD with a datetime2 field from 10.5 to 10.2

Question asked by straatvark on Jun 14, 2017
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We have version 10.5 MXDs that use spatial data from a none-SDE sql database. It include the datetime2 attribute type on feature classes.


When this is saved as a version 10.2 MXD and opened in our 10.5 environment it still works.


When this 10.2 MXD is moved to a 10.2 environment that require a data source repair - then we get an 'invalid field type' error when the data repair window of the layer is opened.


We tested the exact same scenario using datetime as a sql data type instead of datetime2 - then there is no problems.


But 0.2 support datetime 2:


This support is proven if we open our version 10.2 'datetime' test MXD in the 10.2 environment and point it to a feature class that have datetime2. It works.


So the problem that we have is: We cannot do a data source repair in ArcMap 10.2 on layers that have a datetime2 attribute type.


Anyone with advice please?