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NETWORK VRP Preserve\ Restrict Route By Name!

Question asked by ahmednasserhassan on Jun 11, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2017 by ahmednasserhassan

Hi All,
I hope someone could help me with such a simple question



What I have:

1- A point FC each point represents a store the FC has a text column with the route it should be assigned to 

2- list of routes with the same names in the VRP network layer

3- Depot location & name

4- Streets network  

What I don't have:
1- sequence of the orders within each route


What I want:
I want to create a route based on the attribute value inside the FC 


What I tried:


1- Preserve route using the name 


2- creating a model to iterate & export that's the only way tell now to guarantee that each route will be created only for the needed orders. 


the output I have:

The output I want:


How to achieve such a simple thing from Esri network?


I am sure somehow there is a way to achieve such a simple approach!