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Is it possible to make changes to survey WITHOUT loosing data?

Question asked by luckachi on Jun 9, 2017
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We have 4 surveys that people are utilizing to submit data - these surveys also have editor tracking enabled. We needed to make a change to the surveys - had to reword what is displayed on the survey but did not change the actual field name on all 4 surveys. When I went to republish the surveys I received the attached warning message about how the existing data service is not compatible with the survey and I ended up loosing all the data that was already submitted for each survey. Luckily I had made backup shapefiles and was able to append the old data to the new hosted feature service but unfortunately, the editor tracking information (created by, created date, etc) does not transfer over and now displays my username and the time in which the append happened which causes some issues with the quality of the data and how the data will be used by the researchers.


Is this normal?

Is it possible to make any modification at all to the survey without loosing data?