Survey 123 & Federated Services: Clarification

Discussion created by TLongSUGF on Jun 9, 2017
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I would like more detail/documentation on publishing surveys with services federated with my portal and server.


What are the requirements for the published feature service?


I would like to take an existing survey, add the rest end point to the submission url and publish.  Currently I am getting this error.


My work flow:  

1. Publish my survey to ArcGIS Portal 10.4.1.

2. Export my HFS as FG.

3. Create Service MXD with feature class from exported FG. (enabled attachments after adding globalids.  Ran 'add attribute index geoprocessing tool')

4. Copy Survey, insert rest end point of federated feature service. (update form_id to that of the layer from service)

5. Receive Error. 



1. Using the same federated feature service.

2. In Connect adding a new survey.

3. It creates the new survey with the correct schema but the submission URL is not the rest endpoint, its a feature service item description url.

4.  Also when publishing I receive the same error as above.