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Does CreateWebLayerSDDraft require ArcGIS Pro to be open?

Question asked by jacobsj on Jun 9, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2017 by jacobsj

Is there any way to call the function outside of an active ArcGIS Pro session? I can't seem to find any way of programmatically logging in to ArcGIS Online through arcpy.


"""Publishes an ArcGIS Pro project's map to ArcGIS Online.

import re
from os.path import abspath, exists
import arcpy
from arcpy import AddMessage, AddError
from import ArcGISProject, CreateWebLayerSDDraft

def main(project_path='traffic-map.aprx',
    """Publishes a project map to a service

    project_path = abspath(project_path)
    if not exists(project_path):
        raise FileNotFoundError("File not found: %s" % project_path)
    # Open the project
    AddMessage("Opening %s" % project_path)
    aprx = ArcGISProject(project_path)
    # Get the first map
    the_map = aprx.listMaps()[0]
    the_layers = the_map.listLayers()

    # Create the output path string by replacing the file extension.
    draft_path = re.sub(r"\.aprx$", ".sddraft", project_path)
    AddMessage("Creating %s from %s..." % (project_path, draft_path))
    # Create the web layer SDDraft file.
        # TODO: Fails here with a RuntimeError that has no message if
        # ArcGIS Pro is not open and signed in to ArcGIS Online.
            the_layers, draft_path, service_name, folder_name=folder_name,
            copy_data_to_server=True, summary="Test service",
            tags="test,traffic,traveler", description="Test Service",
            use_limitations="For testing only")
    except RuntimeError as ex:
        if len(ex.args) > 0:
            AddError("Error creating %s. %s" % (draft_path, ex.args))
                "Error creating %s. No further info provided." % draft_path)
        service_definition = arcpy.server.StageService(draft_path)

if __name__ == '__main__':