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lat and long

Question asked by FRANESCARUSSO22 on Jun 8, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2017 by FRANESCARUSSO22

Hi all,


I reckon I have lots of gaps about carthography but normally I do not struggle too much in converting coordinates.

I have to plot some coordinates in ARCGIS.


They are in the format below:


43°31.4, 1°46.4

First of all if I tried to add a point (using Go to XY tool) into GIS just to see where these coordinates are it show them in the wrong place.


Normally when I want to convert coordinates in easting and northing to be able to plot them in GIS I do:



If I do the above conversion it gives me the metres and if I plot them in GIS they are shown exactly where the other "Go to XY" shows me.

That is why I believe my conversion is ok.

What should the problem be?


I am really confused and I do not know any other trick to make the job


Many thanks