Best practices for AGOL and Collector?

Discussion created by T_Kearns on Jun 8, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2017 by bcollins@mt.gov

We are running a hosted service and updating it via collector and occasionally arcmap.  This feature service has 17 datasets with the largest (by far) at 7000 features.  We have encountered a range of odd errors and behaviors and I am looking for a way to mitigate these in the future.  I have read through the faq and help docs and they speak more towards creation of the tools and less to the maintenance.


Errors we have encountered include, but are not limited to: collector unable to create replica, cannot be found (after half the download into collector), desktop only downloading the first feature class when adding from agol and creating a local copy,  only synching select features, features appearing under the wrong name in the online map (click fences off, data for another layer turns off, view fences attribute table other data is in - with correct name on the table), the first feature reading (1) not (0) in the feature server REST endpoint.



I am interested in best practices for updating hosted maps and their downloading into collector.  I know the remove and redownload is a necessity to pick up changes in the feature service but can attempting to synch to an altered feature service or online map corrupt the one held in AGOL?  We are spending a ton of time trying to chase down these errors and it is getting to the point that the app isn't saving us any time.