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What replaces SaveEdits and UndoEdits (Rollback) on offline FeatureLayer in 10.2.5 .NET

Question asked by k.gispergmysynergis-esridist Employee on Jun 8, 2017
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we are developing an app that supports editing on offline maps. We are using *.geodatabase FeatureLayers and *.tpks.

However , in offline mode, i found no possibility to enable a "transaction mode" with a rollback to multiple edit operations. After adding, deleting or editing the features, the "commit" has to be done for each operation separately. That means if Add and Delete is done well, and Update fails, a correct rollback is not possible.

               this.ArcFeatureTable.AddFeaturesAsync(List<Feature> flist);

               this.ArcFeatureTable.DeleteFeaturesAsync( List<Feature> flist );

                this.ArcFeatureTable.UpdateFeaturesAsync( List<Feature> flist );


Further more, how do i know that all features have been added/deleted/updated correctly at all? What is the ResultObject / callback?


I tried  (in ArcGISRuntime 10.2.5 ) to delete a list with three features in  ftable.DeleteAsync(oids) (with oids is a List<long> containing three objectIds , two of them exist in the database). Two objects were deleted without telling me that the third one does not exist.



In ArcgisRuntime SDK  for WPF there exists:


ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Microsoft WPF - Library Reference 

and UndoEdits

ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Microsoft WPF - Library Reference 


What are the corresponding methods in ArcGIS Runtime .NET 10.2.5 - 10.2.7 and further more in ArcGISRuntime .NET 100.0.0 ?


Thank you