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How to get Coordinates of several polygons (fishnet)?

Question asked by sophi_at on Jun 8, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2017 by CCatania-esristaff

Dear all!


I created a fishnet  of a certain extend. See AlpineSpace layer. Now i want to clip all Polygons (Grids) out, that "touch" this layer. Here is the first problem, i don´t know how to to this. i just know how to clip with this .shp. Than i would like to know of each polygon the coordinates. I need it for the right top corner. I know that i could add the xy coordinates for the points, but i would need it for the top right corner of each polygon "touching" the AlpineSpace layer. If i use the "Feature Vertices to points" tool i don´t get the top right corner.


Does annyone know what i mean and how to do it?


Thank you!!